MIP is a Misdemeanor

MIP is a Misdemeanor

The Flint area is becoming increasingly a college town with an estimated 25,000 students now enrolled in the four largest colleges and universities in Flint, Michigan, the University of Michigan-Flint, Baker College, Mott Community College and Kettering University.  Along with a growing nightlife scene and the lure of fun and peer pressure comes drinking….even if the young person is not of age to drink alcohol.

That of course could lead to the first big mistake getting ticketed for being a minor in possession of alcohol.  The way the courts handle these seemingly small matters can have a huge and longer term impact on young students than they realize.  These offenses are increasing in number.

Having legal counsel by your side may result in the type of advice that keeps your record clean and out of sight of college recruiters, employers and yes off those applications for graduate school and licensing boards.

MIP in Michigan is serious business.  Michigan has some of the toughest laws in the nation when it comes to underage drinking.

Contrary to your mother and father’s generation when for many it was legal to consume alcohol at 18 years of age it is not a MISDEMEANOR for a person under the age of 21 to consume or possess alcoholic beverages.

Most misdemeanor crimes cannot be expunged from your permanent criminal record history.  In many cases MIP can be erased from your record if handled properly.  Michigan does not have a criminal record expungement law for misdemeanors as it does for certain felony crimes.  It seems unfair and it is unfair to stigmatize a minor mistake of youth for life.  Alcohol related offenses such as Furnishing a Fake ID to get or have alcohol, furnishing alcohol to minors, drunk or impaired driving are life offenses when it comes to your criminal record.

Clearly the consequences for alcohol related offenses are very serious considering the cost of today’s education, the length of time you have to carry around a criminal record and the possibility you cannot pursue your dream to become a license professional or enter some other line of work that requires background checks.

You need an experienced MIP attorney when you face an alcohol related charge.  The stakes are high and the changes you can represent yourself without legal counsel and get the best results are a risk you cannot afford.

If you need have a need to find an honest, competent and experienced MIP law please call (810) 732-9400 today for a Free Consultation.  Our fees are reasonable and we enjoy working with young people who want a vibrant and successful future.


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